Our production facilities are located in Dębowa Wola Stara 25  nearby Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski. The total plant area covers over 10 000m2, of which more than 4 000m2 are taken up by manufacturing and storage facilities.

   The company maintains a modern production plant outfitted by state-of-the-art equipment such as: Textima, Juka, Union Special, Polytek, Gema, Orsan, ArmStrong, Pakom.

   Our polypropylene fabrics and other raw materials are supplied by well-known providers, both from Poland and abroad. Each shipment of PP fabric comes with all appropriate quality assurances. Additionally, we conduct our own fabric quality testing.
   The printing on the packaging is done using four flexographic printers. Either text or logos can be printed on the containers. We are the only supplier in Poland who can offer up to 8 colors on each side of a container.      Assembly of Big-Bags is done using specialized equipment made by firms such as Orsan or Union Special, which allows for full sealing of stitches.

  Completed products are loaded onto pallets, in quantities varying from 100 to 500 pieces, secured with PS tape and wrapped in stretch foil. Each pallet has an individual label with manufacturer’s and recipient’s details, as well as a full content specification.

   Our company only uses pallets with phytosanitary (HT) certifications.

   The whole process is conducted in accordance with all applicable ISO 9001-2001 protocols and instructions, as listed in the quality manual.

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