The main objective of AMID is providing products fulfilling the needs and requirements of our clients and use our clients’ satisfaction for the development of the company and to strengthen our position on the market.

   We would like our clients to associate our company’s logo with trust and professionalism in mapping future investments in the packaging field, as well as with reliable and knowledgeable service during each step of commercial activity. We would like for our work to help improve the natural environment, and we strive to make the work in our company as pleasant and safe as possible.

We strive to achieve this goal through:

  • Constant improvements of our Integrated Quality Management System and the quality of our services.
  • Internal audits and reviews conducted by the management to assure proper functioning and improvement of the Integrated Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001-2000, EN-ISO 14001/2005 and PN-N 18001:2004.
  • Setting and monitoring the goals for Quality, Environment and Work Safety for all essential production processes at the Company.
  • Modification of the scope and technology involved in the production process and services according to the technical needs and financial options of our clients, as well as compliance with environmental and Work Safety regulations.
  • Team-work when problem-solving and analyzing causes of irregularities, as well as quick action to improve Quality, Environment and Work Safety.
  • Systematic employee training regarding applied Integrated Management System and professional training.
  • Collaboration with suppliers and mutual aim to satisfy all requirements for Quality, Environment and Work Safety set forth by our clients.
  • Monitoring of procedures, which guarantee the quality of the product and services, reducing negative impact on the environment and minimizing the number of workplace accidents through the provision of separate stages in the process of management and production.
  • Identifying and complying with all legal regulations and other policies and evaluation of conformity to those policies and regulations of all actions of the company, which have immediate impact on product quality, reduction in environmental pollution and work hazards.
  • Constant optimization of the production process and rational use of the resources.
  • Motivating our employees to identify with the company and to honestly and reliably perform their professional duties.
  • Survey of the expectation and satisfaction of our clients, community and employees with respect to Quality, Environment and Work Safety.

   The management is responsible for the promulgation and application of the Quality Policies and provides the means for their realization in the company’s internal environment in such a way that all employees can be involved in the process of achieving the goals with respect to quality, environment and work safety.

   Compliance of the Integrated Management System policies with the ISO 9001-2000, EN-ISO 14001/2005, PN-N 18001:2004 regulations is maintained through periodic evaluation of the system’s effectiveness and through planning of suitable actions (programs) and their realizations.

   We are aware of our goals and aspirations. We constantly introduce new, effective management methods thanks to which we can recognize and fulfill the needs of our clients, local community and our employees.


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